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Micro-volunteering Articles

Micro Volunteering - Changing The World In Just Your Pyjamas!

Can micro-volunteering make a difference?

Future Focus - What will membership be like in 5 years’ time?

Data Structure

Project Pier is an open source "PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface" - it may also have some useful data model ideas for managing the tasks assigned to contacts

RailsCollab "is a free web based Project Management and Collaboration tool largely inspired by Basecamp, the communication-oriented project management solution from 37signals. Its roots come from a similar project called ProjectPier (previously known as ActiveCollab), which instead of Ruby is written in PHP."

The data structure for CiviCRM (slightly out of date), which is a popular FOSS CRM, is here. The top bit may provide some useful ideas in particular.

Usability on Scenarios* on Personas*

  • Thanks to @MattDaniel

The 10 Commandments of User Experience

Relevant Employment/Volunteer sites

AU Gov't Volunteering site

Plan Big - nice looking site, more focused on planning than volunteering - sponsored by banks

PloyMe - Casual Staff Recruitment Site

vinspired - UK young people volunteering site (16-25yr olds)

Help from Home - UK- 500 micro volunteering opportunities

Do Something : A not-for-profit organization - An article about and SocialVibe

Software Platforms of Interest



Social Media Articles

The 8 Ugly Truths Behind Social Media

10 Questions for Social Media Experts - may not agree with all of it.

Why Social Media Freaks People Out

Open/Social Innovation

The Open Book of Social Innovation

Organisations with similar ideals

The Pay It Forward Foundation

Jumo - still not much known about it, but the platform is being talked up as it is being developed by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

ActNow / Inspire Foundation

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