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What an amazing weekend we've just had with the inaugural Australian Social Innovation Camp at UNSW's thinkPOD in Sydney.

It is a great honour for our project to have been awarded second prize and congratulations to all the other projects, including the first prize winning project Refugee Buddy and third prize winner ISIS.

We were blessed to have an awesome team of developers, designers, volunteer organisers and mentors to really help push our vision along this weekend. We really hope you will all be willing to keep giving us your 2 bob's worth of support as we build a whole new platform to enable and reward people who do a little bit to help each other in meaningful ways.

@2BobsWorth team, this thank-you is especially for you.

If you would like to download the source code for our project and see how you can contribute, you can get it here. Please also use this wiki to share your ideas for 2 Bob's Worth.

As many of you know, we have setup a non-profit organisation to help secure funding to enable us to make the 2 Bob's Worth platform available (and better and better) as quickly as possible. We'll keep all of that organisational stuff over at and leave this space to focus on the project and ideas for making it better.

The prototype site is over at

We look forward to continuing to do our 2 Bob's Worth, to make it easier and more rewarding for you to do yours.



Welcome to the Two Bob's Worth project wiki.

You can read a bit of the background to the project at the ASIX project page.

Our official website is at but our focus is currently on development so this is where the action is!

Site Map

The Site Map is a tree diagram of site pages that provide the features below.


Core Features

Nice to Have Features

Features under consideration

Links to useful information

Our SI Camp Team

Other people who've given us their Two Bob's Worth

Helpful Websites

Volunteering for 2BW

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