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The objects of Two Bob's Worth are to:

  1. research, develop, implement, adapt, reproduce, publish and use information and communications technologies, for the public benefit, (Contributions) to:
    1. relieve needs arising from old age, including accommodation, nursing and health care, security, isolation and loneliness;
    2. protect, care for, preserve, and study animals, and improve the community's moral feelings towards them;
    3. advance the arts and educate the public in the arts, particularly through education on the public benefit of licensing copyright works under free, open or creative commons licences wherever practicable;
    4. maintain public order by assisting members of the public obtain access to justice;
    5. relieve or prevent the distresses caused by natural and man-made catastrophes;
    6. create non-party political, educational, public spaces accessible through the Internet or other publicly accessible communications networks where people may contribute to information sharing and debate on cultural, political, economic, moral or philosophical issues;
    7. protect, preserve, care for, and educate the community about the environment;
    8. advance health;
    9. advance the condition and welfare of Australian Indigenous people;
    10. advance industry, commerce or agriculture;
    11. develop strong local communities and community services;
    12. advance moral improvement in society, particularly through providing assistance to relationship counselling, community justice and mediation centres that provide informal dispute resolution services;
    13. relieve needs arising from physical or mental disability;
    14. relieve poverty;
    15. provide socially necessary facilities for use by the community, particular online facilities provided through the Internet or other publicly accessible communications networks;
    16. advance science;
    17. relieve needs arising from unemployment; and
    18. assist, educate and develop young people;
  2. disseminate the Contributions for the benefit and education of the public;
  3. disseminate the Contributions under a public licence, such as a free, open or Creative Commons licence, wherever practicable;
  4. provide tools, information and services to both public and private bodies or institutions, and the general public, to enable them to use and reuse the Contributions for the public good;
  5. develop a network of organisations and individuals in related online and local communities to further these objects; and
  6. carry out such other functions and purposes which are necessary or incidental to the other objects of the company,
  7. or any one or more of the above, for charitable purposes only, and must apply its income in promoting those purposes.

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